Peach and Vanilla Bean Freezer Jam {quick & easy!}

Peach and Vanilla Bean Freezer Jam {quick & easy!} - #peach #jam #freezerjam #preservationThe awesomeness of summer’s harvest has been almost too much to take in lately. As the girls and I were out in the garden yesterday picking warm juicy tomatoes and pulling up carrots and baseball-sized beets, still clinging with earth, our oldest daughter said, “It’s almost too much of a good thing.” I glanced quickly from bowl to bowl of just picked tomatoes. And I had to pause. Her 12 year-old perception was spot-on.

But that’s the beauty of this time of year. Even though we have a small garden, we simply cannot consume all that it produces. So we eat what we can, at each and every meal, and leave little bowls and bags of fresh goodies on the doorsteps of our friends and neighbors. Then we either freeze or make pickles and jams with the rest, determined to preserve every last morsel of hand picked goodness.

Peach and Vanilla Bean Freezer Jam {quick & easy!} - #peach #jam #freezerjam #preservation

Now, peaches are something we don’t grow ourselves. Each year we order a box from Oregon’s Harry and David or our church’s youth fund raiser that sources their peaches from Colorado. They are always fabulously sweet and run-down-your-arm juicy. But we simply can’t eat the whole box of fruit before their quality starts to wane. So this year we made a couple loaves of our favorite Peach Bread. And then a few batches of this Peach and Vanilla Bean Freezer Jam. Pure heaven!

HiLine Coffee {review + coffee and Nespresso machine giveaway}

HiLine giveaway

Do you ever get drawn into Williams-Sonoma, enticed by the smell of a freshly made espresso? You know, the espressos you can sample while trying out their Nespresso machines? Ahhhhh… The aroma of those coffee drinks gets me every time. And the ease by which they are made is incredible! I’m...

Bacon Bourbon Old Fashioned {#PorkBucketList}

Bacon Bourbon Old Fashioned

I am so excited to share this Bacon Bourbon Old Fashioned with you! It’s a wonderful little bevvy, strong yet smooth and a little bit sweet, that I’ve wanted to replicate since I visited Nantucket last fall with the National Pork Board for the 2013 Pork Crawl.

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Hello! I’m so glad you’re here, ready to share your #PorkBucketList and to enter the giveaway to WIN $500 to fulfill one of your own pork adventures!

End of Summer Herby Chicken Chili Pot

End of Summer Herby Chicken Chili Pot

I always try to remind myself to keep my thoughts on the sunny side, especially when changes roll in that I’m not so excited about. Letting go of summer is one such instance that proves an excellent opportunity for me to put my money where my mouth is. Instead of lamenting the...

Passion Fruit and Berries Sparkler {#NYC}

Passion Fruit and Berries Sparkler

I blame New York City. And Lindsay, obsessed. They sucked me in with their beguiling passion fruit ways, and now I shall never pass up that tropical fruit again. I’m in love! Upon my return from delicious NYC, I was left lonely for the flavor of passion fruit. This...

Blueberry Cobbler with Orange Biscuit Puffs

Blueberry Cobbler with Orange Biscuit Puffs

Last week, the girls and I fulfilled our annual tradition of taking a beautiful drive down Wisconsin’s scenic Great River Road, to pick fresh blueberries at Rush River Produce near Maiden Rock. It was a warm and sunny Saturday morning, a perfect day for packing a small cooler of cold drinks and hitting...

Raspberry Jalapeno Freezer Jam {quick & easy!}

Raspberry Jalapeno Freezer Jam

Our raspberry patch is slowing down in its fruitfulness, but we saved up one of our last large pickings for a couple batches of freezer jam. Our girls shared the role of Head Jam Maker in our kitchen. Tessa made a simple raspberry jam, a variation of our favorite raspberry...