Hi! I’m Brenda, creator of a farmgirl’s dabbles™, and…

  • Midwestern girl, raised on a farm
  • wife of a 6′-7″ man whose commitment to family is as tall as his stature
  • mother to two smart & silly girls who make me laugh and help me enjoy life’s simplest pleasures
  • fan of the old & the new
  • admirer of all things thrifty
  • kitchen mess-maker extraordinaire
  • dabbler in anything creative

I believe that deliciousness is meant to be shared, and that family food traditions should never fade away. I started a farmgirl’s dabbles in the spring of 2010, inspired to share favorite family recipes and stories from my life growing up on the farm in South Dakota. Much of this blog is like a scrapbook, a memory box full of family, food, and special photos. Most of these family recipes come from my mom and grandmas, who are also known for their creativity in the kitchen. They taught me not only to pass dishes down to the next generation, but to also venture out of the usual menu and have some fun. Their sense of adventure guides my desire to never stop experimenting, and to add a twist from the modern food world whenever I can.

My family is a huge part of what you’ll find here at a farmgirl’s dabbles. I couldn’t do it without them, and I could never in a million years eat all this food without their help! We love to play together in the kitchen, and to gather our friends and family at the table to share an awesome meal, catch up on life, and play a few games. My hope is that a little bit of our everyday life will spark some inspiration in yours.

If you’d like to connect, please shoot me an email at brenda [at] afarmgirlsdabbles [dot] com, or use the contact form below.

Thank you so much for visiting!