This Margarita Recipe for One AND for a Crowd is all you need, whether you’re yearning for a single weeknight cocktail or entertaining a backyard full of friends!

a salted glass of Margarita

I love a puckery, authentic margarita, and long ago gave up on those fakey tasting mixes and syrups. A single margarita is a cinch to mix up, so why waste my time on anything but the best margarita possible?! In just five minutes, I can easily be sipping one of these thirst quenching cocktails from a salt-rimmed glass.

This margarita recipe comes together with just a few ingredients. And I’m giving you two recipes in one, actually. First, a recipe for a single drink, perfect for that weeknight craving. And second, a big-batch recipe that comes in super handy when you’re entertaining a group of friends…so you won’t spend the whole evening measuring out portions for individual glasses. Super awesome concept, right?!

I created this Margarita Recipe for One AND for a Crowd for The Pioneer Woman’s website, where I am a regular contributor to Ree’s Food & Friends section. Click here to read the full post on The Pioneer Woman’s site!

three mason jars of Margarita with simple syrup and limes


Margaritas on a lime napkin



Here are a few suggestions for you, dishes to enjoy along with your margaritas!