Strawberries – All Dressed Up In Red, White, and Blue

As the July 4th holiday was quickly approaching, I was all set to make Ina Garten’s yummy flag cake again this year.  But when I checked Twitter a couple days ago and saw these adorable strawberries dressed up in their patriotic finery, I abruptly changed my plan.  Thanks to Natalie and Lauren at PaperFlora, I have a new eye catching treat to take to the July 4th party this weekend.

And what I’m most excited about?  I’m not going to spend a few hours in the kitchen making that flag cake!  As beautiful and scrumptious as it is, I’m really just not in the mood this year.  After being gone on a family vaca the past 10 days, I have a garden that needs some major weeding, for Pete’s sake!

I promise you, these are incredibly easy to make.  My daughters and I whipped out a platter in less than half an hour.  Excuses will not be accepted for the absence of some edible red, white, and blue on your party table!

Here’s what you need for supplies:
white candy melts or your favorite white chocolate  (I got my “super white” melts online at Cake Art.)
blue tinted sugar
(Candy melts and tinted sugars can be found at craft or cake decorating stores.)

And this is how the assembly line goes:
1. Melt your white chocolate or candy melts in the microwave, taking care to not scorch. Just take it slowly, stirring frequently.
2. Dip the bottom 2/3 of the strawberry into the melted candy melts/white chocolate, leaving a nice stripe of red strawberry showing at the top.
3. Dip just the tip of the berry into the blue sugar.
4. Lay them on sheets of wax or parchment paper to set. To speed up the hardening process, you could place your wax paper on a pan and slip the berries into the fridge for a quicker set.  Store refrigerated.

Note: Due to the moisture in the berries, I would not make these more than a few hours before serving.  I checked on them before going to bed the evening the berries were assembled, and they were just fine.  But by morning, the berry moisture was making the blue sugar a bit weepy.

And that’s it!


I’m still in awe of such a striking treat being so darn simple.

Happy Birthday, America!