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a pork mole taco with avocado, cilantro, and pickled red onions

Mole Pork Tacos

This Mole Pork Tacos recipe features tender pork tenderloin and an easy shortcut mole sauce that’s unbelievably delicious. Grab your favorite toppings and dig...

shredded pork in a pot

Carnitas Recipe

An easy pork Carnitas recipe that is slow-cooked to perfection, yielding flavorful, fork-tender bites of pure taco awesomeness. We like to serve this with...

glasses of green juice, plus fresh parsley

Green Juice

Green Juice recipe – An easy blender recipe with spinach, parsley, cucumber, celery, green bell pepper, and orange juice. It’s fresh, bright, and refreshing!...

two strawberry gin and tonics in a clear glass

Strawberry Gin and Tonic

Strawberry Gin and Tonic – This strawberry cocktail is a summery twist on the classic gin and tonic recipe. With an easy-to-make strawberry syrup,...

a margarita in a salt-rimmed glass

How to Make a Margarita

The best Classic Margarita Recipe that’s fresh and tart and so very simple to make. With just a few ingredients, it’s the perfect tequila...

two pieces of marble cake

Marble Cake

Marble Cake – A moist marble sheet cake slathered with a rich and creamy double chocolate buttercream frosting. This marble cake recipe is easy...

lemon heaven bars

Lemon Heaven Bars

Lemon Heaven Bars are dense and soft and chewy. Loaded with fresh lemon flavor and covered with a thin, sweet glaze, these easy lemon...