These 10 Easy Freezer Jam Recipes will keep you tasting the sweetness of summer all year long! They’re quick, easy, and they make the perfect topping or filling.

A Collage of the Best Homemade Freezer Jams


10 Easy Freezer Jam Recipes

Growing up, there was always a jar of homemade raspberry or rhubarb jam in the fridge. My mom’s garden was abundant with these fresh ingredients, and none was left to go to waste. Each summer, she stacked up jars of preserved deliciousness, in both fruit and vegetable form, in the makeshift canning pantry under the basement stairs. What a treat it always was in the dead of winter, to pop off the lid from a jar of her preserved applesauce, sweet cherries, green beans, or dill pickles. It was the very best grocery store around!

Thanks to the help of our oldest daughter, I have a collection of 10 Easy Freezer Jam Recipes to share with you.[rss-cut] Hatti likes to help out with the blog whenever she can, and has done a great job searching the internet for gorgeous fresh fruit jam recipes.

Why I Love Freezer Jams

Freezer jams are extremely easy to make, with no hot water bath canning process involved. So even if you’re nervous about creating your very first batch of jam, you really needn’t be. Making freezer jam is easy peasy, and you’ll be amazed by the super fresh fruit flavor. Please let me know if you give one of these recipes a try!

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