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10 Summer Lemonade Recipes

These 10 Summer Lemonade Recipes will keep you refreshed and relaxed all summer long. They’re simple, fruity and delicious!

A Collage of the Best Lemonade Recipes for Summer

Top 10 Lemonade Recipes for Summer

I don’t know about you, but lemonade always tastes better to me during the summer. Cold and refreshing and more tart than sweet, that’s how I like mine. And I especially like it when there’s another fresh fruit mixed in. Strawberry lemonade will probably always be my favorite, but after creating this roundup of 10 Summer Lemonade Recipes, I’m dying to try out a few more combinations!


from top to bottom, left to right:

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14 comments on “10 Summer Lemonade Recipes”

  1. Ashley Schumacher

    I think these lemonades would have been great to make this summer on the hot day I really would like to try the watermelon raspberry lemonade that sounds so good.

  2. Carol at Wild Goose Tea

    I guess I never thought about it—–but yeah there are a LOT of lemonade recipes. How clever of you to put together a fun mix and match recipes.

  3. Thalia @ butter and brioche

    yum! love a good lemonade.. and that watermelon and raspberry lemonade is definitely calling my name. thanks for the great roundup + inspiration!

  4. Gourmet Getaways

    These looks so delicious, I love watermelon and strawberry so I am sure these would be a favourite for me.
    Gourmet Getaways

  5. Kari @ Cooking with Toddlers

    Thanks for such an awesome collection. It’s so hot here right now that these will certainly come in handy!