Don’t miss these favorite recipes from 2014, collections compiled by you, by me, and by my family!

favorite recipes from 2014 chosen by readers

Happy New Year, all!

This is the first time I’ve written a year-end post, recapping all the deliciousness that happened throughout the past twelve months here on a farmgirl’s dabbles. A conversation with a couple of friends earlier this week convinced me to give it a try. They talked about how they always enjoy reading and/or writing these posts. And now, having completed one myself, I can see why. Perusing through the archives, flipping the calendar from month to month, season to season, really puts into perspective everything that goes into keeping this site alive. The process was extremely gratifying, and inspired me even more to jump head first into 2015!

I’ve created three separate Favorite Recipes From 2014 collections. The first, shown above, is a list of the top ten recipes as shown by Google Analytics (in no particular order). These recipes were chosen by you!

favorite recipes from 2014 chosen by the author

This second compilation highlights my own favorites. It was no easy feat to narrow this list down to ten recipes. I’ll also add that I could easily classify all of your favorites (from the first collage), as favorites of my own!

favorite recipes from 2014 chosen by the author's family

This final selection of recipes was handpicked by my family. Blake and the girls sat down and clicked through the archives during breakfast today, and each gave me their two favorite recipes from 2014. Before they let me know, I played a little game in my head, guessing which recipes would be on their lists. I got one correct for each person, so fun!




family photo in mount Rainier national park

(photo taken at Mount Rainier during a family vacation this past summer)

Happy New Year

As we step into a new year, I wanted to take this time to thank you for being a part of 2014 with a farmgirl’s dabbles. I’m honored and so very grateful that you spend time here with me and my family, and am excited to see you again in the year ahead. Here’s to 2015. Happy New Year!