Sushi Burrito

What is a Sushi Burrito?

A sushi burrito is a very big sushi roll in the form of a burrito. It’s an easy (and fun!) way to enjoy sushi on the go!


- Nori - Sushi Rice - Salmon - Japanese Mayonnaise - Wasabi Paste - Sesame Seeds - Vegetables

Prepare the Salmon

Whisk the mayo and wasabi together, then combine this with the salmon and set aside.

Add the Sushi Rice

Spread sushi rice in an even layer on a rectangular nori sheet and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Add the Fillings

Layer the salmon and vegetables over the rice.

Roll the Nori

Carefully, yet firmly, roll the nori over the fillings.

Wrap in Parchment

Roll the burrito tightly in some parchment paper and twist the ends. Then cut it in half.


Serve with soy sauce or your preferred dipping sauce, and enjoy!

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