Cottage Cheese Pancakes

What Are Cottage Cheese Pancakes?

These pancakes are dense yet fluffy, with melty pockets of cottage cheese and buttery crisp edges!

What You'll Need

You'll only need a few simple ingredients to make this easy recipe, so let's round them up and get started!

Mix the Dry Ingredients

Whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon.

Mix the Wet Ingredients

Whisk together the buttermilk, eggs, melted butter, and vanilla extract.


Combine wet and dry ingredients, then fold in cottage cheese and let the batter rest for 10-15 minutes.


Cook pancakes in skillet about 2-3 minutes, then flip and cook for 1-2 minutes on the other side.


Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

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