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Water Flavored with Fruits, Veggies, and Herbs

a glass of cucumber and mint water

I learned a very important lesson about my body back in 2002, when I was 7 months pregnant with our first daughter. Blake and I had just returned from a long weekend in Las Vegas to attend the wedding of some close friends. We had walked many, many miles and ate as many meals as we could fit in from restaurants of famous chefs, such as Nobu, Wolfgang Puck, and Emeril Lagasse. We feasted with our bride and groom friends at our first Brazilian steakhouse experience, and then topped it all off with our very first Krispy Creme, sweet decadence that we found on a late night walk over to The Venetian. Some people gamble in Vegas. I eat. :)

But upon arriving back in Minnesota at the end of that celebratory weekend and heading to my regular prenatal check-up Monday morning, I was hit with some unexpected news. I was contracting way too hard and way too fast. I was placed on immediate and full bedrest, and was only to get out of bed to use the bathroom and take a short shower. Until the contractions were under control, I was to do absolutely nothing except rest. And drink water. Lots and lots and LOTS of water.

It turned out that my doctor believed I had overexerted myself, walking and eating myself across Vegas, and that my body had become dehydrated. After one month on bedrest, and feeling quite hydrated, I was released back into the world, along with my promise to keep drinking an abundance of water. Because that water is some kind of miracle juice, I tell you. It kept the contractions at bay, helped my back feel better, and my prenatal migraines had dissipated completely.

So how could I not keep practicing this water drinking habit after all the positive effects I had experienced?!

I had suffered from back aches and head aches for many, many years. But the advice I received while on bedrest, to simply drink more water, was all I really needed to know.

cucumber mint water

I love a big tall glass of ice water. But it’s even more enjoyable to pour a glass of Water Flavored with Fruits, Veggies, and Herbs. My favorite combo of sliced cucumbers and fresh mint is super refreshing, and the one you’ll find most often in our fridge during the heat of summer.

pineapple and rosemary water

The new Tea Infusion Pitcher from The Pampered Chef makes flavored water even more of a treat, and I love it! I simply add whatever flavors I want to the infuser insert, pour in fresh water, and then let it all hang out for awhile in the fridge. Once the pitcher of water is nice and chilled, and infused with subtle natural flavors, I pour a glass and enjoy. (The water above is infused with pineapple and rosemary.)

I like to make cold flavored teas during the summer, too, so I’m really looking forward to steeping tea in this pitcher. I think this recipe for a Citrus Mint Tea Cooler looks like a great place to start!

lemon, lime, orange, and cilantro water

Anything citrus is always a winner. It’s pretty, colorful, and known for its refreshing qualities. For flavored water, use one or several varieties at once, whatever you’re fancied with at the moment. In the glass above, I added sprigs of cilantro to slices of lemon, lime, and orange.

The combinations are seemingly endless when it comes to flavoring water. Here are a few more suggestions for you:

  • watermelon and basil
  • blueberry (slightly crushed) and rosemary
  • honeydew, cantaloupe, and cucumber
  • orange and strawberry
  • raspberry and mint
  • apple and thyme

I also have a few helpful hints when it comes to flavoring water:

  • I prefer to drink my flavored waters the same day they are made. When they sit too long, the water can become cloudy. And it sometimes turns bitter, especially when using citrus.
  • I add fruits and veggies in either slices or chunks. But with blueberries and other small berries, I recommend adding them whole and then slightly crushing, or muddling, them to release their flavorful juices.
  • If you want a more intense flavor, I encourage you to also squeeze in the citrus and gently crush or muddle any fruits, veggies, and herbs.
  • To make your glass pretty, and to feel like you’re on a little vacation, always have some extra ingredients on hand for garnish. Actually, I think this is more of a necessity than a helpful hint. ;)

 Please tell me…what is your favorite way to drink water?

tea infusion pitcher from The Pampered Chef

Would you like to win one of these awesome Tea Infusion Pitchers from The Pampered Chef?! It holds 1 quart of liquid (with the infuser), which is a really great size…not too big and not too small. It comes with a lid and a handy insulated sleeve to protect your hands when steeping hot tea.

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  1. I love water…just plain ole water. But I think the infusion pitcher sounds awesome and would love to try the blueberry and rosemary combination!

  2. I think the Garlic Smash +Paste sounds like fun! We use lots of fresh garlic. (I planted 181 cloves last fall!)

  3. I am very bad about drinking adequate water so your tips are appreciated. Spring an dsummer are on the way so I am going to make an effort as it is very true that hydration is important.

  4. I agree with you and think that the Pampered Chef Tea Infusion Pitcher sounds really awesome!

    My favorite way to drink water is simply adding lemon slices to it. I usually squeeze the lemon slice first and then throw it into the water.

    In the summertime I have sliced a lemon and floated them into a glass picture to make my water look and taste good.

    I love your ideas though and will have to change it up sometimes. :-)

  5. Oh…sorry about the bed rest experience, but I’m glad everything turned out alright at the end. I know, it’s amazing how our bodies reacts when we don’t have enjoy water. I love your way of infusing the water. hehe….I would feel like I’m at the spa everything with those cucumber and mint water. By the way, I used to visit LV just to gamble, now, I go there just to eat too! :P

    Oh my! What a nice giveaway prize package. I would definitely feel very pampered with all these new tools if I won. :) The new Spring line of products are full of fun. I’m more excited to try the Tea Infusion Pitcher. I have a tea recipe that would be perfect in this. :)

  6. I must say the tea infusion pitcher looks like a lot of fun, plus would save me some time. I’m always trying to fish out lemon seeds. I love to put a splash of lemonade in with some sparkling water, or fruit punch. It is guilt free and so refreshing.

  7. Dominique @PurpleKale

    I so NEED that Glass Cleaning! I have so many glass containers that just don’t get as clean as I would like them to, this may be the perfect solution!