a gift bag of red, white, and blue popcorn


Let’s continue with the patriotic theme here this week, shall we?

I took my favorite caramel corn in the whole wide world, a recipe from my dear friend Ann, and turned it into the happening-est 4th of July treat in town!

I usually associate this caramel corn with Christmas, as that’s when Ann brings a big bowl of it into the office each year. My family loves it so much that I always end up making at least a double batch every time, because it also happens to make just the perfect homemade gift. And we do love to give it! Our oldest daughter gets completely giddy filling up the little bags and attaching notes for family, friends, and teachers.

So I asked myself…why should this awesome treat be shunned at the peak of summer? There is no good reason! It’s the perfect time for Patriotic Caramel Corn!

I simply took the same caramel corn recipe I’ve been making for years, drizzled some melted white candy melts (12 oz. for 1 recipe of caramel corn) over it after the caramel corn had cooled in the pan, and then quickly and strategically sprinkled some red, white, and blue sprinkles over the melted white candy. After the white candy was completely set, I bagged the patriotic caramel corn individually. (Note: I also tried a batch using white chocolate instead of the white candy melts. The white chocolate was much softer and did not set up as well. I would not recommend it, especially if you intend to bag it.)

caramel corn with star sprinkles

And then my friend Morgan designed the most fantastic set of 4th of July printables!

fourth of july gift tags

They are so much fun! 

And you can print them off for free!


So don’t dilly-dally in your American spirit. Bag up some Patriotic Caramel Corn or some plain (yet insanely delicious!) caramel corn… and then tie on some festive ribbon and one of these snappy little 4th of July tags. You’ve instantly got yourself the most happening sweet treat in all the town!