cocktail glasses and spools of curling ribbon

I must confess, I’m somewhat of a freak collector of curling ribbon.  (If you look under the bed in our spare bedroom, you’ll know what I’m talking about!)

I just can’t resist a new color or style, and buy new spools “just in case” they might be perfect for some future occasion.  Most every gift I give has some attached, zipped with the edge of a scissors blade to make it all curly and flouncy.

And everyone at our house knows there’s some sort of celebration going on when they find the dining room chandelier strung with the stuff…

a chandelier decorated with curling ribbon

This past weekend, when I was going through my collection of drink charms getting ready for our little Cinco de Mayo gathering, I was left feeling uninspired.  Nothing quite fit the feel I was going for – colorful, casual, and fun.  As I was stringing the chandelier with brightly colored ribbons, an idea hit me.  Hey, let’s just make curling ribbon charms!  I had more than enough colors for the number of people who would be here, and it was a perfect fit for a colorful Cinco de Mayo celebration.

It’s so simple.  Just cut pieces of ribbon 4″ to 6″ long and curl them up with a scissors.  Then wrap them around any stemmed glass.  I like leaving a little curly loose tail, as you can see from the picture, but you could also wind them all the way around the stem.  I experimented with actually tying the ribbons to the stems, but I don’t advise it, as they’re a pain to remove.

This could be fun for any sort of celebration where stemware is used, even if it was just for decoration and not for actually identifying your drink.  Say, for instance, a baby or bridal shower, where you might want to serve some pretty punch in fancy stemmed glasses.  Just add some curling ribbons matching your theme as a way to bring it all together.

The frugal possibilities for putting a little more party in your party are endless.  Fancy orange juice drinks at a weekend brunch, strawberry lemonade at a summer barbeque, red wine with girlfriends, or margaritas on Cinco de Mayo – these are all perfect occasions for a little more curling ribbon.