I have a new favorite flower growing in my garden – the pretty purple Alliums! Read more about why I love them and how they bloom.

Low Angle Shot of a Blossomed Allium

Does your garden take itself too seriously?!

Whenever people see these whimsical blooms in our yard, there are curious comments aplenty. Alliums, also known as ornamental onions, are a fun focal point for the garden, and easy-peasy to grow.  My sister, Cheryl, a very talented landscape designer, turned me on to these springtime beauties a number of years ago, and I absolutely LOVE them!!  (And deer and rabbits don’t love them – yay!)

Cheryl recommended the allium ‘Purple Sensation’, which produces violet balls 4 to 5 inches in diameter on thick stems 20 to 30 inches tall.  Just plant these carefree bulbs in a sunny location in the fall and enjoy their playful garden presence next spring.

I love to watch alliums emerge.

an allium in early spring, just a few inches tall…

The Early Growth of an Allium Bud

now much taller, the violet takes a peek...

An Allium Bud Opening

pops out

An Allium Almost Ready to Bloom

and finally bursts!

An Allium Flower Bloomed

alliums make me happy

A Bunch of Fully Bloomed Allium Flowers

alliums make me smile

Three Purple Alliums in My Garden

I want to plant more alliums!!

Do you have a favorite plant that makes you especially happy?

Or a fun garden feature that makes you smile?

I would love to hear about it!