This Simple Cup of Coffee may be easy to make, but it tastes like it came from a coffee shop! Learn how to make a tasty cup of coffee with your Keurig.

A Frothy Cup of Coffee in a Yellow Mug

An Easy Cup of Coffee You’ll Love

I’ve been doing my best to resist a second piece of coffee making equipment for our kitchen counter, as we just don’t have that much space in our small kitchen. My husband’s “less is more” theory has rubbed off on me over the years, definitely, and I’ve been successful in telling myself that our ol’ coffee maker is sufficient enough.

But I can still be persuaded by simple comforts. Especially when coffee is involved.

So when Staples contacted me about trying out a Keurig coffee brewer, I took a very reflective pause to consider what this machine might do to the routine of our efficient little kitchen. The office where I work has had a Keurig for many years, so I already knew that I liked the system, with its fresh-and-hot-whenever-you-want-it supply of coffee (and tea and hot chocolate!).

I figured I really had nothing to lose. So I rearranged a bit of kitchen counter space to make room for a Keurig, and purged a few items from the cupboard above it to store a carousel of K-cups.

My New Keurig Coffee Maker from Staples

This right here has become my set-up for A Simple {yet special} Cup of Coffee. Sometimes I call this finished cup a “latte”, but I know latte purists would argue with the make-up of my version. So we’ll stick to a gussied up cup of coffee, ok? ;)

My sister and her husband are who I have to thank for convincing me of the simple comfort of a special cup of coffee made at home. When our family stayed with their family for two weeks at the end of 2010, while they were living in Cairo, Egypt, my brother-in-law’s morning coffees were pure comfort in that amazing city of dusty noisy chaos.

Dave’s specialty was a cup of strong brewed coffee with raw sugar stirred in, topped off by a warm froth of half and half. And now that Cheryl and Dave are once again living nearer to us in the States, they continue to share their coffee ritual with all who visit, topping off the froth with a sweet and spicy sprinkle of cinnamon.  It’s very convincing. Since our family visited their home this past Christmas, I haven’t made a cup of coffee in our own home any other way.

A K Cup Stand Filled with Flavored Coffee

My Favorite Coffee Flavors

I knew there were lots of choices in K-Cups for the Keurig brewers, but I had never really paid that much attention to the store shelves or online offerings before having a Keurig of our own. Now I know that there are umpteen wonderful possibilities for a quick and delicious cup!

I debated over getting this K-Cup carousel…“Is it really worth the space?!” But now that we’ve been using this Keurig system for awhile, I can definitely say it was a good choice. This chrome-plated rotating piece is very compact (only 10″ high and 8″ wide), yet holds 27 K-Cups. It fits nicely out of view in the cupboard above the Keurig and is easy to move to the counter when we have family and friends over.

The two favorite K-Cups in this house? Yes, front and center is the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, the popular choice of our kids. Myself, I’m pretty keen on the Donut Shop Coconut Mocha. And Blake isn’t too fussy about his coffee (although I know a cup of French Vanilla is always a treat for him), as long as it’s full-on caffeine.

My Keurig Dispensing Fresh Coffee into a Mug

The Keurig brewer is beyond easy to use. Just make sure the water reservoir is full, insert the K-Cup of your desiring, choose your cup size (6, 8, or 10 ounces), and press “brew”!

If the thought of frothing a little half and half seems too time consuming or too difficult or just plain unnecessary…please hear me out. Because this is where the “special” part of this simple cup of coffee is at!

My Battery Powered Frother Frothing a Glass of Half & Half

We’ve had this easy-to-use battery powered frother for a number of years. It works great, cleans up great. I pour about 2 tablespoons of half and half into a small glass, microwave it just enough to get it warm (our own microwave does this perfectly at 17 seconds!), and then froth it for a few seconds, until it’s whipped into lush creaminess.

A Fresh Cup of Coffee Topped with Cinnamon

Add the desired amount of raw sugar to your brewed coffee and give it a few good stirs. Then pour in a bit of the froth, stirring it into the coffee. Finish by topping the coffee with the remaining froth and a sprinkle of raw sugar and cinnamon.

A Cup of Coffee on a Stack of Books

Then sit down with a good book, let out a big breath, and enjoy your fabulously simple {yet special} cup of coffee!

My family has been very happy with this OfficePRO® Brewing System. It’s a lovely convenience when I want to brew one cup of decaf for myself or a guest in the evening, and is wonderful when my mom or mother-in-law are here, as they are always looking for just one cup of coffee later in the afternoon. I also really like that it can accommodate tall travel mugs, for those times when I want to brew a cup and run out the door!

Do you have a simple tip for a great cup of coffee?
Please share with me!

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